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China brand awareness in Thailand suffered the embarrassment

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Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized the third overseas talent into the Academy activities. More than 60 overseas outstanding young scholars from the U.S., Britain, France and other countries were invited to visit the CAS . M
Recently, the Chinese Academy of Sciences organized the third " overseas talent into the Academy " activities. More than 60 overseas outstanding young scholars from the U.S., Britain, France and other countries were invited to visit the CAS . Many of them who are considering the " returnees " status to return to continue research work.
Domestic research : There are excellent conditions inferior
As the highest academic institution of science and technology , the main purpose of this event is organized by Chinese Academy of Sciences , Chinese Academy of Talents make policy , research and other circumstances can be understood more overseas scholars . Through site visits and access to the CAS , invited foreign scholars on different research environment at home and abroad , but also have a more objective understanding .
He graduated from the University of Bern in Switzerland Hong Wenjing research is molecular electronics, he said China's scientific research more independent research group based units of study . And in Switzerland is more showing a " big research " framework for cooperation , often by the Task Force and industry partners from several countries jointly apply for research funds , and project coordination meetings are held regularly to exchange research lessons . Compared to other countries, exchanges and cooperation between domestic researchers and industry is relatively small.
In addition, the distribution and use of research funding policy aspects , there are differences between domestic and foreign . For example, in the United States , the European Union and other places, a large part of research funding budget is used to pay for labor costs, such as the allocation of funds to help the system into full play the people's initiative , to promote independent research . The domestic capital investment is more in terms of equipment , manpower expenditure is relatively small.
Of course , compared to foreign and domestic research in some areas there are advantages. American scholars mainly engaged in radar imaging and radar signal processing research Ray Lui Hau said on their professions in the country can do some of the larger system . Because in a foreign country, in this professional field more emphasis theory, he can only do some marginal research most of the time . And domestic talent introduction plan , including the provision of housing conditions for researchers , laboratory conditions for overseas talents have a certain appeal .
Overseas Talent : more emphasis on the soft environment
In order to attract more overseas talents , whether in hard or soft ambient environment , many domestic units are under the foot work . But overseas talent in deciding whether to return home to do research, more attention is domestic research "soft environment " can meet their requirements .
The so-called soft environment is technology, education and personnel recruitment system , the social environment , laws and regulations and other external conditions. For example, the living environment and food safety issues, the soundness of relevant laws and regulations , China's scientific research project can not be objective , the fairness of resource allocation . Assistant Professor of Biological Resources Engineering, McGill University, Canada齐志明in an interview that the research environment , family factors , preferential policies , etc., will affect his decision whether to return home , but all the factors which , he felt the social environment is the primary . He said: " preferential policies have a certain appeal , but this is short-term ."
A good soft environment , not only to give young scientists a more dignified life , but also to allow returnees talent to concentrate on research .洪文晶said , "I hope the country can make young scientists need not be mundane and forth, without bucket of five meters and bow , and can be focused on scientific research in the creation of the golden age of the individual ." Only in this way , overseas talent to be able to return home after really play to their talents .
Research institutions : committed to improving conditions
Attended the event, some overseas Chinese Academy of Sciences researcher , said part of the hardware facilities have reached the international advanced level. Agricultural production simulation and modeling studies scholars齐志明said , the CAS has facilities perfect field site , the Institute of Geography of good laboratory conditions , a wide coverage of the research team , is conducive to interdisciplinary research .
According to the organizers of the event and wind Lee Academy Personnel Bureau , the domestic research environment has not lost a lot of hardware facilities in foreign countries, but he also admitted that the software is still a gap between China and foreign countries . For example, research in intellectual property protection , research staff performance evaluation, resource allocation , etc., are to be perfected. But China Natural Sciences research community have recognized this and are actively promoting the reform of science and technology system.
Lee and wind also said that in recent years the state has invested in science and technology continue to increase , the national emphasis on the introduction and training of overseas talent . Chinese Academy of Sciences , for example, in the protection of human life , is actively promoting the "3H project", namely the family (home), housing (house) and health (health), in order to ensure the quality of life researchers. Through the " Hundred " the introduction of overseas talent , everyone can enjoy the 2.6 million yuan of subsidies , of which 2 million yuan for scientific research grants , 600,000 yuan for the housing subsidy.
In addition to the introduction of talent, Chinese Academy of Sciences also focuses on international exchanges . For the " foreign talent into the Academy " activities, Lee said the wind "into not equal to join ." Offering such activities, mainly hope to establish cooperative relations and strengthen exchanges between domestic and foreign counterparts , and that the CAS will continue to carry out this activity will continue .
(Editor:PAUL ZENG)
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