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PubMed inspirational story

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Yifan storm road for three years, three wars once Congress to Simple few lines summed up a three-year postgraduate course Lee students , and feelings and experiences during the period included a simple statement can not be described , is pr
" Yifan storm road for three years, three wars once Congress to" Simple few lines summed up a three-year postgraduate course Lee students , and feelings and experiences during the period included a simple statement can not be described , is precipitated in the years of my life in the memories never fade , in this cross- examination education together and share the story of the Kujinganlai students . Dream on bumpy way Perhaps because still very young , or is it due to the strong elite complex, I have not really adapt to college life , they germinate the idea of ??PubMed , PubMed team to start a forerunner . Ruins of the first half , I have chosen to apply for schools and professional , but also settled down safely in the study room . Because I chose Renmin University of China , but also to apply the popular professional - economics, which is destined to PubMed road twists and turns . Although almost every time I go to study hall every day , but really learned very little , but I was very satisfied , because I go their own way , not knowing their own set lofty goals , action slow as a snail . Suddenly, already in 2007 . After returning to school , I am looking for a fixed seat , with dedicated hearts started a real PubMed review . To be honest, this year's review, I had slack, but more of a stick . It is also from this year, the childish way I realized PubMed hardships . This year is no earth-shattering event , more hardships in the bottom search . Time with impunity , running all the way from January to January , from June to September , however PubMed knowledge but to no molding. After September , the task and the pressure increased significantly, every day is stressful review . Tension aside, I will think deeply psychological PubMed complex, understand the kind of short-term relief , but feel that their ideals enrich ideal is always happy ...... good , the reality is cruel , though do have to PubMed so much foreshadowing , whom despite painstaking efforts, I was not qualified to graduate big man . In order to escape the reality of the failure of PubMed , I decided to look for work. Fortunately, through campus recruitment , I found a job in Beijing . By the end of March , I first set foot on the train bound for Beijing . Tedious but rewarding work , being treated well . If I had not taken the research, never fought for the ideals , I will keep working , but I was a pursuit of the ideal man, is a downright PubMed people , there is no reason to give up their ideals of the road . By the end of April , I went to the Congress alone , wandering for two hours on campus , bought two words , a pen , and then hastily departed . Although he feels Congress are merely mediocre , but I still want to graduate to the NPC . Back to the company , I decided to resign , and then they return to Shijiazhuang to prepare a new round of postgraduate review . Back to school , the shuttle on campus , I do not consciously taught to stand in front of A , looking for their own struggle for a year and a study room in the corner of their own hearts indescribably sad. After graduating from the respondent , San Huofan classmates eat , drink wine parting four years of college life on this end . Looking back on my four years of University Avenue , eye-catching only two words : PubMed . Still insist on flying pigeons injured Early June 2008 , I began a second study section review . I still remember back to school to resign themselves and their families to say: Since I quit retake definitely have confidence to win the NPC . I only do not lack is confidence that time . Back to the familiar classroom building , I teach in B , 5th Floor, find an a study room , did not go to teach 510 A , imagine for a change , and perhaps mood and review the results will be different. Accompanied by a second study section is a review of ten hours a day , numerous exercises , as well as lingering PubMed complex. My step by step, through steadfast . Until soon before exams , I was quite confident of their own . Along the way , I know a lot of research and friends, everyone from time to time to discuss issues , exchange ideas, can be considered a small scenic road PubMed . In the second year of life is still very regular refresher : daytime learning , night jogging exercise. Everything is calm, no waves , but I was hoping outbreak in peace , for I can not slack off, day insist , just waiting for the coming spring. January 10, 2009 , I once again entered the graduate exam exam , but I was suffering moderate in two days , after the test was not successful . After the exam , I am a little disappointed, but I still feel hope, but after seeing the results of the moment, I know that this year the dream died again . There is an indescribable feeling echoed constantly in mind , I think I have probably PubMed way to the end , the front would have been difficult to distinguish a clear north-south road suddenly . So far, I 've Bumpy Road PubMed way to go for two years. I have to admit defeat in the second study section had quite proud of my self-confidence and morale shattered , the way this has been buried without clear signs , and I 've never had to get rid of the shadow , I began to depression, shut himself wasted time in the room, but also years of intermittent running exercise ...... although I was very clear that this is torture destroy myself, but I still was not able to be strong . Parents do not know how to comfort me , just put the rice on time every day in my room . One day, the mother -to- room as usual the meal , I still have to see decadence , she finally sighed and said: "Son, you do not like this , my mother looked distressed , I discuss with your dad , or you take the exam again , we all support you ...... "Then, mother handed me a book , I looked at the crumpled book, and then looked at his mother because of concerns about more haggard face , my heart suddenly being mercilessly pumping a bit, so I how filial Since pains again let parents worry about me , I want to cheer up , admitted to graduate to return parents' expectations. The next day, I put the book back to the parents, a man returned to Shijiazhuang regroup . Taking into account the cost of the study section , I decided to first find a job, then while working review . Shijiazhuang to catch a few games in recruitment , has not found a job I liked , then went Beijing vote resume , and other interviews. Rushing for almost 20 days , and finally through a company interview , but returned it after a day of my consideration, or to give up hard-won work because after the official working hours and the effect is difficult to ensure the review of I do not want to because of the time mistakes which led to PubMed fail again. So, I gave up the idea while working to review , but to concentrate on the pro forma , when I make a determined effort to myself: This is the last time that something can only succeed . Finally ideals into reality If the first study section review of mind is high morale , high-spirited , and the second is the practical regroup after cautious, determined to win , then the third time I did not dare to have a pro forma wonderful idea , like the hearts of dead silence , just a desperate fight . At the beginning of the review , to coincide with the summer temperatures in Shijiazhuang , study room, no air conditioning , fans full of hot air blowing . Often learn to learn , study room only own one person. At that time , I think every day is to do more questions, more reading, his schedule , not the slightest slack. Daytime meticulous study , nor quiet at night , I often woke up in a dream , dreamed I was in the examination room to answer , and answer a mess ...... Luckily, I met a college friend Zhao , he came back to retake resignation and specialized courses also consider economics. Six months time , we learn from each other , the common struggle , benefit. Two years of training, I have long been accustomed to the monotony of the pro forma process : no weekends , almost always repeat the same day. After the National Day , as the self-pressurized, the task becomes even more important : subjects Zhenti drills over and over again summarize , there are specialized courses is afraid to relax , read a book has to do summary notes ; course, remedial classes also thought , consulted cross examination education teachers , they are very enthusiastic to help me answer a lot of doubts, although the cash-strapped because I still have not reported their final remedial classes , in this cross- examination of the teachers expressed deep respect. November , English and mathematics are starting to do the simulation questions , specialized courses and are still reading and doing politics summary notes ; December , still continue to do simulation questions . ( Inspirational story www.lz13.cn) I was friends with Zhao Meet a few days at a predetermined time in a mock exam , math morning , afternoon English, other times seize political and professional courses every review . The results of each study room at night when he went looking for me , I have found that still do the math , it is surprising. Slightly ridicule remember Zhao said : "You are not a mathematical question wanted to test out ah too do the math ? ! " He did not know that the first two odd little math scores incomparable how I endured the pain and suffering. So stick to January , I have a math , math II and Mathematics from 1993 to 2009 Zhenti repeated two or three times , simulation title also made around 15 sets ; harass been repeatedly watching English word still in review and consolidate , simulation title also made 15 sets ; specialized courses in economics also done a few of the notes thick , basically completed the final sprint summary and exercises ; political Zhenti Little Red Book and also saw a few times , and research the answer routine. Nevertheless, two-day exam that I was very smooth , highly physical and mental suffering . Answered in English , confidence has been cut away half ; finished the math , mind suddenly feeling hopeless situation ; afternoon courses, because the problem increases, increase the difficulty of the subject , it is bite the bullet and write three hours is not completely mad answered . Most people smile is that he took the test three years , this actually opened the wrong subjects of English and mathematics two questions bags. After the exam , I ran back to the hostel chagrin , a man hiding in the corner in a daze , I can not imagine the consequences of failure . I do not know myself how long to stay , only to feel dark outside , and suddenly the phone rang, the phone is turned on in the dark , "Dude, you finally turn the phone is not similar to celebrate , but also not seen you for so long , are you okay ? " Xiao Zhao was originally called me , I would love for him to say nothing , but tears flowed fell down , the phone also with tears falling to the ground. I did not pick up the phone , but continued to curl up in a corner , and off the end of the line listening to Xiao Zhao said: " Even if finished , do not think too much , you have to do now is to rush out and easy to celebrate , and then the body heart into retest review ...... "Listen Zhao consolation , I seem to get excited , yes, there re-examination , I have to do now is to prepare re-examination , can not let themselves die a natural death three years of hard work on this , we can not allow again parents worry. The next day, I forget the first test of disappointments , nor deliberately to focus on results, but threw himself into the re-examination preparation. I have to consult Congress re-examination of the situation to find senior sister apprentice , teacher read a paper published in the department , looking for students to practice speaking English listening, personally designed and drills Specialized retest topic ...... finally my efforts have been harvested , although I barely into re-examination , but still passed the retest , the realization of the dream of post-graduate study at the National People's Congress . PubMed three-year career is finally over . In retrospect , it belongs to the past as PubMed drip put a movie in my mind flashed , perhaps these events over time goes by, with their growth and forgotten, but that the pursuit of ideals has been flowing into my blood , into my soul, let me continue to go forward in the future brave the road of life . (Editor:PAUL ZENG)
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