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Cailiang Yong: a history of struggle Paris Wenzhou businessm

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A 17 -year-old career in Paris, Wenzhou , under pressure to survive and continue to dream of getting rich entrepreneurs , and constantly frustrated , and ultimately experience became a successful businessman. His story is a microcosm of 150
A 17 -year-old career in Paris, Wenzhou , under pressure to survive and continue to dream of getting rich entrepreneurs , and constantly frustrated , and ultimately experience became a successful businessman. His story is a microcosm of 150,000 warm business to survive in Paris .
Cailiang Yong past two years have been frequent in the country rock . Every city , he was the first place to go is always the local electronics market. It has become a habit of his many years to develop .
He is 42 years old , with a long nose and a lion , honest face , keep your head down to walk on the streets of densely shop . Is generally difficult to think that he was a 25-year career in Paris, Wenzhou businessmen , still the country have their own factories , many of the joint venture and invest in real estate.
Complex experiences in Paris , so he felt about the fate of this stuff has been elusive . On a recent day , he met a mysterious fortune teller in Paris. The fortune teller was a man of business , day bankruptcy diverted study divination. He told Cailiang Yong somber two secret: the rich man 's money is destined past life ; your life , there are a fortune.
"The two things I believe ." Cailiang Yong Oh grinning laugh . He laughed when your eyes are always stare , smile along with a silent and long-lasting body shaking , until he was happy to confirm the information has arrived in your perceptual system .
But 20 years ago , how he would not have such a smile. "At that time the streets of Paris is always hazy , can not see very far ; when people walk is floating, very flustered ." He recalled.
"Heaven " where there is no sunlight
The idea Cailiang Yong initiation to France 25 years ago , is entirely due to the agitation and fellow temptation. He was only 17 years old , working for a construction company in Wenzhou . At that time in Paris, France Wenzhou alone has 15 million and more, folks are constantly postcard back, so that he could not feel at ease .
That was in 1982 , he finally persuaded their parents, from their hands Cengdao to Paris .
The first plane to Paris , the share of tension and excitement, he is still remembered , he said, is still a year now flying back and forth between the two places , but did not have the feeling, but he did not think that time is on his stepped off the plane from the moment , the poor long day officially began .
In the first year of arriving , he not only did not see the imaginary "paradise" , and even never seen the sun in Paris . He sat relatives dark bag factory, looking at the front of scissors, string , glue , and finally found a cruel reality . Since then he backs up with all the same daunting mission overseas Wenzhou burden - the boss, making a fortune.
" My youth was spent in anguish ." Emaciated Cailiang Yong previously did not move over sewing machines , but can not afford to toss working day and night . His job done , the quality is poor, slow, can not let the boss 's relatives satisfied. After all relatives arranged for him to pick him up to go abroad into the plant , but also to calculate the costs.
A year later, at the sound of his relatives complain that house farewell bag factory. First he borrowed someone else's sewing machines , other folks asked by a little skin, a package of their own design , to get on the street to sell. But no one bought , he had to find a grocery store to sell one by one . A boss arrived in Phnom Penh, but his Ruanmoyingpao accept this package, pay a few francs.
"Out of the shop, I went straight to a grocery store and bought a pack of hawthorn tablets, eat while jumping on the road ." It was made ​​in Paris in his first business . After countless piles of business , are not the deal more exciting .
But his dreams quickly dashed bag , he made ​​the following packages are nobody cares. Rent and cost of living pressures forced him to start milling around in the street . He first found a French garment factory , sewing clothes and ran out there , but he was not born stepping machine materials, clumsily done a few days to get rid of the boss . Fortunately, people are still talking about the credibility of the French gave him 50 francs ( week's wages ) .
He later found a factory in Phnom Penh who was lucky enough to encounter the big fellow workers Ling Ling two sisters , two girls though good skills , but also the same boat with him , wanted to protect him. A month later , the boss saw Cai poor working conditions , to catch him go, the two sisters would come forward, they have threatened to resign boss . Boss had no option but reluctantly left him six months. Two sisters then happily took him to the dance hall to celebrate can be made to the subway, he is very embarrassed to stand up - even pocket money to buy subway tickets are not enough.
Cailiang Yong discovery : a garment factory in Paris there are many , we all have to work to eat lunch . So he told the bosses volunteered , saying that he is the chef to come , can supply supper. Each garment factory at night to send food to others , he said briskly with others drove themselves to come . Then , out of the factory gate , while people do not pay attention , Guaige Wan jumped on the bus to go home . Unfortunately, a week later , he did not change food taste bad and what new tricks , it was soon debunked the truth. Had to face unemployment distress again.
Venture again , again and again bankruptcy
To Paris two years later , he and another fellow skilled garment together a fancy shop , and finally going to be a partner to open a clothing store , each half the money.
Wenzhou which has a very popular " standard will be " system, that is, we want the money to help a business person , eliminating the original money they had saved time, and then this person a fixed amount every month and then returned to one of them , also out until all liabilities. This approach is very effective in the difficulties of private small business loans , but also mutual trust between the Natives .
Cailiang Yong brains , all the people you know are found, marked a meeting. But he needs to raise money from the investment of 50,000 francs worse , desperation, he put his one-bedroom rented monthly price of 300 francs leased to others , on condition that the other party to the deposit 50,000 block .
He is really out of their prices are very low, but the idea has received a deposit solve his immediate problems. The new store in the future also be used as a temporary shelter. Rental contract was finally implemented one day before signing his contract hire shop , but according to regulations, the new tenant to pay after finally moved out.
In order to successfully sign shop the next day , he decided to move out one day in advance to allow guests to stay. It was a tough night of homelessness , he Chuaizhuo deposit, luggage , lights shining on the streets of Paris, walked the whole night .
Shop implemented , but not paying the money to buy equipment , he told the manufacturers to secure the installment . However, since there is no shop experience , they still eat the loss . At that time the store hired workers are " illegal workers" ( unreported employment work contract workers ) , because the workers do not tax entirely in the form of a cash payment of wages , while the income of the purchase price is basically the French price tag check. A year later, the carrying amount of the company on the profits of a very high need for paid high taxes. Deduction of costs, basically did not make any money .
Folks who think the partnership profits this deal is not as good as their previous income , decided to abandon cooperation with蔡良勇's . But Choi had yet to pay off the debt would be marked if the exit will lose the opportunity to repay the debt . So he returned to the other side of the teeth of funds , a person stays down this shop . But this struggle is meaningless , his business as worse, did not take long to put the shop closed sold. Also the rest of the debt , had no money .
"I understand very well that day subway beggars ." Cailiang Yong said later. He was sitting on the subway in the hallway , holding his knees , stare at those leisurely, playing and singing for money beggars .
But he was soon perk up , re- rented to a factory , still working clothes. At this time, he found himself caught in a management dilemma . He gave a low wage workers work very slow , do not increase efficiency . Later, he increased the wages immediately speed up faster . But also with the workers of acting experience accumulated , sometimes he considered a good piece of the workload of workers , but while he went to answer the phone a few minutes, some workers and secretly take back a few pieces , counted in the new round of work inside .
Business developed slowly , his hand began to have more than ten million francs capital , want to develop larger facility to do their own products. He flashed a few laps in Paris 3 Chinese focus , and decided to produce men's swimming trunks . Because he saw a good business swimwear shop , especially sewing scissors is very simple, do not ask the designer , as long as the selected fabric on the line.
But when he launched his own ambitious plans for the manufacture of garments , but found him a new lease of large factory was originally a Jewish factory , employing illegal workers Jews because police seized plus tax evasion , naturally became the focus here supervision object. Not long after his factory was confiscated , all workers were expelled . He again went to the factory cash flow problems end.
This will be the keys to someone else , besides penniless , but also carry a lot of debt. But for him, it was not the first time bankrupt anyway .
Heaven end in empty
When a person went to turn the street , which has become his habit. He did not know what the streets have , in short, he felt like a hide and seek game fate , only constantly observe , keep looking , will find that the mystery.
On this day, he walked into an electronics store to open Frenchman . "I can fax consignment ." Looked at the information that describes practical and convenient electronic products , he relented.
At that time he did not even carry the cost of a fax machine did not , he decided to acquire some information to sell . It was 1988 before the project , the Chinese district almost nobody know fax machines.
His first fax machine was sold to Mr. Duan doing business belt , he good-naturedly with others to explain : ! "Your such a large wholesale business , give daily Auchan, central department send samples , and more complex since there ah this machine just fine , as long as the sample into the fax machine , the other immediately received, not sent later . "
Other doubtfully accepted his proposal a few days before the trial . But less than a night, his phone Baoxiang up: " Cai ah , how do you even folks are deceived , how I could not find the entrance to the belt into the fax machine ? ! "
He labored to explain for a long time , the other fax machine is finally understand how it happens . Next, he sat every day the door waiting for him to Mr. Duan money paid. He is a talkative person, but also because of the fellow feelings , how can not ask for money . First this is three days , and no one go away . Mr. Duan finally understand , so the money paid to him, and what he needed the money to feed the second machine. From the beginning of this month to sell a two fax machines business, let him barely enough to eat it.
He later rented office , make the workers on behalf of management , intends to compete in the electrical line when some agents . He shuttle every day in the streets of the Chinese district, dressed in suit and tie, carrying a bag , to cover up their own abjection .
But this time, was his first love him bankrupt . Girlfriend 's sister intend to return once invited him to colleagues , he somehow agreed, and remove all the money in the bank , for the one return ticket .
The first return home after an absence of eight years , his father thought he finally succeed , then banquet guests . It is also common sense , because almost all of Wenzhou year away from home , friends and relatives who are sent over a red envelope . That night he went to his girlfriend sister had embarrassed the family borrowed a thousand dollars , entertained the lively folks.
Frustratingly, he again returned to Paris at the time , the fact that the company has become a deficit in the bank account , the court again mercilessly declared : bankruptcy . Girlfriend broke up with him immediately .
He was a fellow who opened the way until three zones pub drink alone , how are very tired . That night, he waved to help fellow who spent his last few francs , bought three tickets. He even hit the jackpot , 400,000 francs , heaven !
His first reaction was to open a bank account to deposit the money into his own name , but the lady behind the counter shook his head at him hard , not to open . His bankruptcy records has already been repeatedly blacklisted .
Not deposit banks , he suddenly decided to buy a BMW car dream . At that time he was home all the appliances a TV and a pair of speakers. He paid a 10,000 advance , waiting for the arrival of BMW cars .
But he thought of his own debt. Week, before he paid off all debts owed ​​. But plans to buy a BMW car also will have to cancel it.
In almost penniless when he and new girlfriend married.
With his girlfriend to the wedding dress shop given day, try to half his excuse to pick up the phone out of the store . Waited a long time, look around dazed wife had paid for themselves . He certainly can not say that the situation is not wealthy , he stretched as work in factories girlfriend .
" How dare you say I was really big , now that I think are scared ." He took his wife to a restaurant to eat that day family wedding banquet , so poor that only one suit it. But he spend time with everyone bustling put a few tables, out of time, openly greeted with the boss left .
Watching his momentum, the hotel owner thought Choi was forgotten bill. He certainly did not know, " lavish " Choi after the back with a month 's time before the feast Coushang cost to him.
Can finally take off the suit
All the familiar Cai people think , Mrs. emergence is turning蔡良勇fate.
One day, Cailiang Yong and stroll the streets . He watches through the French front of the store a huge billboard when boxes , note boxes that house the company's phone, he pretended to go to this customer calls the company 's portfolio , and ultimately sets out the company's best-selling watch brand phone .
So he re- rented a cheap shop in Region 3 , began to start the watch business. Usually the wife waited at the store , he carrying a purse, go to those places selling Chinese regular meeting . He was very particular about the first line , wear a suit and tie , big purses Wow what opened, there are colorful watches.
Good luck up on unstoppable. That was in 1992 , he came home every day , and his wife, both the number of money to be soft , but also brought the irons , ironing a picture of the money , pack up . " Madam is also an advantage that can control the money , Kandian , before I really everywhere at once ah ."
" Chinese area is not developed new products ." Watch business after his success began pondering something new nonstop around and hit a lot of first -day . The first selling copiers, the first store to sell the bank card credit card , the first one in China to sell phone cards so super save money . He sometimes also occasionally integrate these businesses look like on your own shop to sell phone cards , but also marked a new ad in the back of the watch. These gave him a huge profit .
"There is a stable form three corners of the state , I think this simple logic ." He found that while the development of three high-quality products , even if one is not afraid to lose out , so as to gain a foothold . So he seized the opportunity , has introduced a lighter , glasses , two new products. China has strong production strength , there is a stable sales network , he simply from retail to wholesale , started doing import and export business.
Most proud of a business deal is called " Pikachu " gadgets he runs in 1999 . He printed from the Spanish introduced the image of this lovely key chains , lighters and other small objects , one on the market to sell crazy. It is said that those Jews next to sell heroin profits only three times , and his Pikachu 10 times profits, a day trader has a lot of stock , goods are often out of stock . Half the time he earned tens of millions .
He was also invested in a Lyon managed by the French commodity shops , business is very good , let him reap millions of net profit per year. Business success but also that he became a vice president of the Chinese Import and Export Chamber of Commerce in France.
Since then, Cailiang Yong began returning to capture the opportunity , build factories, retail investment , investment Resort in Hainan. He is now prepared to do is to create a national brand of glasses . Business is a big day , but perhaps because of the difficult past experiences, he still does not allow himself the slightest negligence .
93 wholesale stores in Paris, his province has not installed heating, " winter is very short, passed quickly ." He comforted his French secretary said. Once, some friends in the evening to his wholesale shop party, he picked up a fire extinguisher , said: . " If you are not careful at night once the fire , to be with this"
He has been a long time not to wear a suit , "I'm very confident , no longer needed costumes of the year ." He said.
(Editor:PAUL ZENG)
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