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Sun Yat-sen and freemason Freemasons

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Freemasons ( formerly Hong Shuntang ) belong freemason organization founded in 1848. Freemasons are freemason bedroom洪顺堂loyalists ( see freemason five rooms ) , has now become a freemason organization collectively in the Americas. In
Freemasons ( formerly Hong Shuntang ) belong freemason organization founded in 1848. Freemasons are freemason bedroom洪顺堂loyalists ( see freemason five rooms ) , has now become a freemason organization collectively in the Americas. In Southeast Asia and other places, is more of a freemason organization Yising would name. The main leaders include Huang Sande , Situ Meitang .
In 1904, Sun Yat-sen in Honolulu joined Freemasons .
In 1911, Sun Yat-sen to raise rates in the San Francisco bureau freemason organization , so all League members to join Freemasons .
In 1915, after the Revolution Alliance reorganized as a result of the KMT , the backbone of the Canadian Freemasons to protect freemason not to split up the establishment of auxiliary right -wing social organization , headquartered in Victoria, plus a total of 16 full branch office .
October 10, 1925 , Continental freemason Family Reunion Conference held in San Francisco 's decision to set up China Zhi Gong Party , in October 1925 , the first Congress of the China Zhi Gong Chen's election as the party's prime minister. Chen's relegated to Hong Kong in December , the headquarters located in Hong Kong , but Chen Chiung-ming , Tang Chi Yao was elected as deputy prime minister , is mainly distributed in the Chinese mainland .
March 12, 1945 , Situ Meitang in the " New York " Family Reunion Assembly convened American Freemason , "South America nine countries ZhiGongDang organization" were attended by representatives and resolution declared the Americas freemason Zhi Gong Tang officially more name of China Zhi Gong Dang freemason ( Americas ZhiGongDang ) , and Situ Meitang is widely cited as the Chairman of the National headquarters , Cuba朱家兆, Canada Chung Chen remarkable , remarkable蟙Zhen Mexico as Vice ; party for the purpose of unification of the sea freemason and outside organizations, social solidarity of the masses , and promote democracy , stability and world peace. China Zhi Gong Dang freemason ( Americas ZhiGongDang ) and the " Mainland China ( China Zhi Gong ) " as two different organizations.
July 1946 , the General Assembly resolution Wuzhou freemason Reunion held in Shanghai, China, was founded in September 1 Chinese freemason the people by the people party party , Situ Meitang , Zhao Yu as Chairman and Deputy Chairman , the headquarters located in Shanghai , is the main distribution overseas.
May 21, 2010 flash floods caused by the Taiwan Qinghei Chairman Xiaoming Ying Tong Mun total (round Po ) freemason brothers Conference held in Kaohsiung, Taiwan Hero House joint resolution, the establishment of political parties and organizations that Taiwan 's China Zhi Gong Dang freemason benefit people across the country . In 2010 the Republic of China on the occasion of the Revolution , by the flash floods in Taiwan Qinghei door Zhi Gong Tang brothers and a common philosophy of the elite freemason One one hundred and eight will , for the memory of the martyrs and Huanghuagang 72 " sages martyrs ' heroic patriotism sacrifice to continue ( Man ) Mr. Sun Yat-sen Republic unfinished behest , for the completion of this founding father of the Republic of freemason Freemasons double flowers Hung stick Marshal - Sun Yat-sen ( Man ) Gangster behest to Tianxiaweigong . Sanminlism . universal brotherhood . rejuvenation of the Chinese , as " April 8 Sakyamuni Buddha " Longevity day 11:15 first time in the Republic of China was formally established on May 21 1999 Lunar Taiwan and Taiwan on the territory of the Republic of China the official name of a freemason freemason China Zhi Gong Dang , held the inaugural meeting of its founding , Taiwan, Republic of China Ministry of Interior already in 99 years on June 2 for the record established that the ROC Ministry of the Interior : party card No. 167 . "The purpose of " seeking national progress based on something first, people's welfare in mind when promoting Freemason 's "loyalty ages" , " honest ", " justice ", " mutual aid ", " humanitarian concern ", "social services " the spirit of the people's democratic political philosophy of combining to form a national political will to help promote the political participation of citizens freemason political purposes .
Resolution to ( Man ) Mr. Sun Yat-sen was never ROC Premier cite Taiwan public Qinghei torrents door chairman Xiaoming Ying Zhi Gong Tang (round Po ) as chairman of the CPC Central Committee headquarters of China Zhi Gong Dang freemason . It is said that " in Hua Dingding Freemasons " is the Zhi Gong Overseas U.S. National Security Center in Honolulu and San Francisco - Continental freemason Zhi Gong Tang and freemason "Each room brothers " united contribute money in order to make the Republic of China Sun Yat-sen ( Man ) Mr. overthrew the Qing government established a great cause that Asia's first democratic republic founded the Republic of China ! ; Therefore gratitude for the ROC in the " on Taiwan and Taiwan " to live and work , is actually ( text ) Mr Republic of China Sun Yat-sen and Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo and the overseas countries freemason Zhi Gong Tang five House for the big hero of Brothers one , so the establishment of this China Zhi Gong Dang freemason to "纪念洪door Wuzu " spiritual and continues Intercontinental San Francisco freemason Zhi Gong Tang red stick Marshal - spirit sen ( text ) chiefs and other sages of all the brothers of the martyrs cum practice exercise , and for the majority of the people serving people .
The purpose of the China Zhi Gong Dang freemason State Department to seek progress things first, when the welfare of the people in mind , the task based on the candidates recommended by the elite as legislators . Hon . Township mayor . Miles long . Mayor attended the public election of officers to actively committed to humanitarian protection, civil freedom, equality, and actively serve the people , building society , peaceful cross-strait exchanges happiness, promote economic prosperity , follow the line Tianxiaweigong . Sanminlism . universal brotherhood renaissance of China , the goal of creating world harmony . National , social and ethnic make a contribution to the development of cross-strait peace and contribute to the completion of the Republic of China Sun Yat- sen stick freemason double flowers Hung ( Man ) Mr. behest efforts , and ultimately the peaceful reunification of the Chinese nation .
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