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Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs

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Background After the Revive China Society was founded in 1894 , Sun Yat-sen put an armed uprising as the primary means to change the social nature of the planning of the Guangzhou Uprising and Huizhou uprising. After the League was founded
After the Revive China Society was founded in 1894 , Sun Yat-sen put an armed uprising as the primary means to change the social nature of the planning of the Guangzhou Uprising and Huizhou uprising. After the League was founded in 1905 , Mr. Zhongshan in Guangdong and the southwestern region of continuous planning a number of armed uprising. New Army after 1910 after a failed uprising in Guangzhou , Sun Yat-sen and key members of the Alliance meeting held in Penang , conscientiously sum up the lessons of failure, decided to concentrate our efforts on carefully prepared , once again staged an uprising in Guangzhou, Guangzhou City to win again divided into two sections , the revolutionary flame burning to the nation and eventually overthrew the Qing Dynasty .
1910 autumn collection of many important backbone of Sun Yat-sen and the United League meeting on shelter can (now Penang ) , decided to launch a new uprising in Guangzhou . The meeting summed up the lessons of the past , to determine the alliance members as the backbone ( Pioneer ) , mobilize new army , anti- pipe , patrol , the military will of the party and the people , and after seizing the provincial capital of the revolutionary flame burning to the Yangtze River and the country. After the meeting, Sun Yat-sen around fundraising . Huang Xing, Zhao sound is responsible for planning the uprising , presided over the total authority " Manpower Ministry ." A large number of revolutionaries concentrated in Hong Kong . Guangzhou city to establish a stronghold of about forty . Due to changes in the situation , and again changes the date of the uprising . When Huang Xing finally decided to launch an attack on April 27 , the original plan had to be changed to four assault ten road simultaneously . But when the revolt , in fact, only a team led by Xing toward the viceroy Yamen and divide our forces to attack the army training hall , etc. . Fought alone , and finally failed, Yu Peilun , side sound hole, Chen updates, Lin Chueh people , etc. about a hundred people dead . After all failed due to the power disparity .
April 27, 1911 , after the Guangzhou Uprising , Micro Panda League members had risked their lives will be able to find the killed and captured Kangkaijiuyi after the 72 revolutionaries ( there are more than 100 real revolutionaries heroic sacrifice ) buried bones in the northeastern suburb of Guangzhou , and changed Honghuagang as Huanghuagang . Thus , the campaign known as the resting place of the revolutionaries as " Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs " , commonly known as the first man buried in the Revolutionary Party " Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs ." Initially only a handful of loess HuangHuaGang cemetery , very desolate. In 1918, Yunnan commander squared Tao ( squared hole brother ) fundraising repair the tomb . In 1921, Ji Gong Square , Tomb booths have been completed. After the investigation beyond the seventy-two martyrs , martyrs died there fourteen campaign , a total of 86 people , all of the names engraved on the back , " the Guangzhou Xinhai Revolution March 29 in mind," the monument .
2 Zhong bone buried
Gathered the bones
After the uprising failed, leaving the streets of the city of Guangzhou, the remains of comrades . Guangzhou customs officials on the hated Revolutionary Party , intends to "show" , the head of the martyrs killed by hanging on the gate. Until the fifth day, Du Shu in public demand letter , please pick up the remains of Sin
Nanhai, Panyu two magistrate ready to bury the martyrs buried in the smelly hillock outside the east gate of prisoners . Panda did not reveal the identity of the micro- partisan know this news , as "civilian " reporter found LST director , said: " ? Martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country , buried smelly hillock , heart How can security"
Panda micro , micro- word heart , born in 1880 in Guangdong Panyu County . LST father was one of the founders , he joined the league in 1906 . When the Guangzhou Uprising , at the micro and Chen Shuren , who founded the "civilian News", "civilian Illustrated" revolutionary propaganda . In order to select the cemetery as a martyr , up slightly everywhere, everywhere for help, charities were touched by his magnanimous act , white, the grass is willing to dedicate as martyrs cemetery Honghuagang .
May 2, 1910 , led by a volunteer for the martyrs of micro open shackles , decapitated integrated recovery , with a good groom wooden burial seventy-two remains. He loved Daisy , very much like "Ju residues worse Aoshuang sticks ," a poem , so the safflower Kong to Huanghuagang . Become synonymous with the Guangzhou Uprising Martyrs Huanghuagang martyrs , Huanghuagang uprising has also become synonymous with the Guangzhou Uprising of .
Panda micro risked their lives to seventy-two gathered the scattered remains of the martyrs buried in safflower Kong, will here renamed " Huanghuagang " That yellow chrysanthemum symbolizes chastity , known as " Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs ." The corpses were buried HuangHuaGang 72 , so future generations will be to " Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs " proportionality . As the name seventy-two martyrs until 11 years ( 1922 ) before the spring fully identified, has been registered in the Huanghuagang Le Dan . [ 1 ]
The uprising has greatly inspired the masses to fight and become a prelude to the Revolution . Among them are studying in hot blood of youth , there is willing to give everything a patriotic overseas Chinese revolution , has participated in many of the new army military uprising , as well as the work of reporters engaged in revolutionary propaganda and so , once the League convened , decided to participate in the uprising, perseverance, unafraid of death . Peril to save the motherland and the elimination of national disaster , and they are willing to do the unsung heroes . Yu Peilun consider themselves entitled " Wang Guangming ," which is non-existent compared Sichuanese pronouns , Cheng Liang before the enemy does not answer a word , and thus transferred to " dumb partisan ." They put the motherland 's prosperity , happiness of the people placed above personal happiness. Exhibited dauntless heroism and noble self-sacrifice , compose a tragic epic.
Martyrs fame
The corpses were buried HuangHuaGang 72 , so future generations so disproportionate to Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs , but seventy-two names of the martyrs until 11 years ( 1922 ) before the spring fully investigated , how wonderful are registered on HuangHuaGang Here are the names of seventy-two Martyrs Birthplace:
Cantonese : XU Pei tassel , Xu Li Ming , Xu day training , Xuguang Tao , Xu Pro side, XU Mao Liao , Xu Song roots, XU Man- Ling , Xu Zhaoliang , Pei Tian , Xu Baosheng , Xu Lian Hui, Tsui Yung nine , Xu Jin Zhao, Xu tuck into , Xu Ying An, Li Bing Hui , Li late, Liwen Kai , Li Wenfu , Liyan Nan , Chen , Chen Chao , Chen praised , Luo Zhong Huo Luo Kun , Pang Xiong, Zhou Hua , Shou Jiang following complex , GUO pieces Laopei , Mrs Fung Shee , Yudong Xiong , Ma Lu , Huang Heming , Rao Fu Ting , Zhang Quan , Zhou increasing Linxiu Ming
Fujian : Fang sound hole, Chao Feng Xiang , Luo Nailin , Zhuo Akimoto , Huang Zhongbing , Can Wang Deng , Hu should rise , Lin JM, Lindsey Hui , Lin Yin Min, Lin , Lin When cool, Liu six characters, Liuyuan Dong , Wei Jinlong , Chen Jun, Chen updates, Chen and Son , Chen Ching- domain , Chen inflammation
Guangxi : Wei trees die early Wei Rong , Wei system Huai Wei system bell, Li Shan, Linseng early
Sichuanese : Qin Bing , Yu Peilun , Rao Guoliang
Anhui : Cheng Liang, Song Yulin , Shi W
Part of the martyr brief information :
Yu Peilun , alias Yun Ji , Neijiang people , Chiba, Japan medical students .
Lin , alias when cool , wide stag , Fujian Hou Husband , Japanese university students.
Song Yulin , alias Jianhou , Yu Lin, Anhui Huai people, officer.
Square sound hole, alias Jimmy , Fujian Hou Husband , Chiba, Japan medical students .
Rao Guoliang , alias small peak , Sichuan Dazu people, Sichuan Army accelerated school graduation.
Lin Chueh people , alias meaning hole, shaking fly , Fujian Fujian County, Keio University student , before the revolution , " with his wife and the book" widely circulated. There are " intrinsic parent book" Content : filial children Jueming knock intrinsic : Father adults , children dead men, but tired adults hardship, lack of food and clothing siblings ear . However, too much make up on our countrymen . Begging forgive the sin .
Lin Yin Min, alias Jing Um , no , I , Fujian Fujian County, the first Japanese college student .
Li Wenfu , alias Chi Dongguan, Guangdong , Hong Kong, " China Daily" manager.
Chen praised , Guangdong Tai people, Nanyang businessman.
Li Shan, Guangxi Rochester man , Long shore militia duct tape .
Chen and Shen, Fujian Fujian County, Waseda University students.
Huo Luo Chung , Guangdong Huiyang people, Nanyang instructor.
Pang Xiong, Guangdong Wuchuan people, soldiers.
Chen Jun, Fujian Hou Husband , Japanese regular school students.
Rao Fu Ting , Guangdong Jiaying people , teachers .
Chen updates, Fujian Hou Husband , Nagato gunnery school graduation.
Chao Feng Xiang , Fujian Hou Husband , Nanyang Navy school students.
Liyan Nan , Guangdong Kaiping people, Nanyang Chinese .
Liuyuan Dong , Fujian Fujian County, Southern Taiwan Fire Association .
Liu six characters, Fujian , Fujian academy students.
Li Bing Hui , Guangdong fengchuan people, Nanyang priest.
Liwen Kai , Guangdong Qingyuan people, Sin Chew "Morning " typographer . ( When did Huanghuagang uprising killed [ 2 ] )
Lee late, Yunfu people, Nanyang Chinese .
GUO pieces , Guangdong Zengcheng people, Nanyang Chinese .
Yudong Xiong , Nanhai, Guangdong Overseas Chinese .
Huang Heming , Guangdong Nanhai Nanyang machine workers.
Mrs Fung Shee , Guangdong Nanhai Nanyang machine workers.
Pei Tim , Guangdong flower County, Annam ( now Vietnam ) workers.
Xu Jin Office & Guangdong flower County farmers .
Xuguang Tao , Guangdong flower County farmers .
Xu Pro end , Guangdong flower County, workers.
Xu Liming , Guangdong flower County, Annam ( now Vietnam ) workers.
Had the whole day , Guangdong flower County, workers.
Following Jiang Fu, Guangdong flower County farmers .
Xu Yi Cheng, Guangdong flower County farmers .
Xu Pei- day Guangdong flower County farmers .
Hsu Yung- nine , Guangdong flower County farmers .
XU Man- Ling , Guangdong flower County farmers .
XU Mao Liao , Guangdong flower County farmers .
XU Pei tassel , Guangdong flower County farmers .
Xu Lian Hui, Guangdong flower County, Annam ( now Vietnam ) workers.
Xu Song roots, flowers County , Guangdong , Annam ( now Vietnam ) workers.
Xu Baosheng , Guangdong flower County farmers .
Xu Zhaoliang , Guangdong flower County, Annam ( now Vietnam ) workers.
Xu Ying An, Guangdong flower County.
WEI Tong Qian , Guangxi Penan , priest.
WEI Tong Huai , Guangxi Penan , priest.
Wei trees die, Guangxi Penan , priest.
Early Wei -rong, Guangxi Penan , priest.
Early Linsheng , Guangxi Penan .
Qin Bing , Guang'an people .
Zhou Hua , Nanhai, Guangdong Overseas Chinese .
Chen Chun , Guangdong Nanhai , Annan overseas .
Ma Lu , Guangdong Panyu , Annan overseas .
Laopei , Guangdong Kaiping people, Sin Chew (now Singapore ) " Morning News" reporter .
Shou , Guangdong Nanhai , Annam ( now Vietnam ) overseas .
Shi W , Shou County, Anhui people, IPCC Japanese school students.
Cheng Liang , Anhui Huai people , the army primary school , he served as instructors.
Linxiu Ming , Guangdong Jiaoling people , teachers .
Zhou added , Guangdong Jiaying (now Meizhou ) people, businessman.
Luo Kun , Guangdong Nanhai , Annam ( now Vietnam ) overseas .
Chen Chao , Guangdong Haifeng , farmers .
Huang Zhongbing , Lianjiang , Fujian , farmers martial home.
Can Wang Teng , Fujian Lianjiang people, martial home.
Zhuo Akimoto , Fujian Lianjiang people .
Hu Ying- liter , Fujian Lianjiang people, workers.
Wei Jinlong , Fujian Lianjiang people .
Chen Ching- domain , Fujian Lianjiang people, martial home.
Chen inflammation, Lianjiang , Fujian , farmers .
Luonai Lin , Fujian Lianjiang people .
Lindsey Hui , Fujian Lianjiang people, soldiers.
Yixian author
May 5, 1921 , Sun Yat-sen became provisional president ; August 10 , Congress passed a temporary conference apprenticeship Expedition resolution and counseling please sen warlord announced Shichang guilt , explicitly apprenticeship crusade. December 1921 should Zou Lu 's request for " Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs birthplace " a written preamble.
Specific "yellow Gang seventy-two Martyrs birthplace " preface as follows :
Made over the late Qing Dynasty , the revolutionaries , calendar dangerous ravine difficult to not scratch the spirit of perseverance , Competing with the traitor , who repeatedly stumble prostrate , it 's tragic death , to March 29 Xinhai siege battle Guangdong and Guangxi Du Shu was most . I party essence , burned , and its loss can be described as big now! However, it is served , Treasure of the Sierra dashing , noble four plugs, vegetation whom felt pain , the situation thus color, national long sting of the people, is the big excitement. Resentment of the product , such as Roughs row sink, not suppressed , not half load and Wuchang Revolution to become ! Adams served as the value of the straight astonishing world , ZZZZZZZZZ , and Battle Revolution Wuchang and tho.顾自民country Zhaozao , confound Fun ride , yellow Gang cup of soil, still buried in between Huangyanmancao . Extended to seven years , beginning with tombstone erected repair ; decades , beginning with the codification birthplace . The seventy-two martyrs who have discipline or set and did not elaborate , or remaining name without deeds , fraudulent claims and the names untraceable , as it contains the history of Tian Heng , although relocation of goodness to pass Ranger history , nor is five hundred biography , AIDS can have pain .
Zoujun Hai Bin , Huanghua Gang Lieshi birthplace to the series in order to hack . When I party to fight enemy supervised Guilin . Looking around the country , thieves atmosphere Chi- square , stool parlous elephant, a plus , as the Qing Dynasty , and the lead singer of the Three People's Principles to thirty years ago , five-power constitution for all the martyrs in the struggle of life at the expense of those who , it is not implement it before. Then to the obligations of this trip , especially in times heavier than thirty years ago . If people begin with such a spirit of sacrifice of the martyrs of the struggle for the country , to help this great responsibility to be completed to achieve the ideal of true吾人Republic of China , this part of the history of the founding of the blood can be handed down and immortal ! Following the behest of the martyrs can not be described otherwise and Everbright , but only in its Heritage of emotion , shame dead after Adams Cheng also ! To order as Sri Lanka , both the pain of the dead , and that the people 's wish to read the editor Xu .
3 Create Cemetery
April 27, 1911 , Sun Yat-sen led the alliance to overthrow the rule of the Qing Dynasty , staged an uprising in Guangzhou. After the uprising failed, Mr. Pan Dawei League members risked their lives to 72 gathered the remains of the martyrs , buy now HuangHuaGang a place for burial. Later, it became a memorial here · twenty-nine Revolution Huanghuagang Park .
April 27, 1911 , March 29 Lunar Year of Xinhai , 17:30 , Huang led the vanguard revolutionary party of 160 people staged an uprising in Guangzhou. Rebels fighting day and night with bowls after the failure of extremely heavy casualties , more than 100 revolutionaries heroic sacrifice. The remains were afterwards revolutionaries morgue in the wilderness on the ground before the Consultative Council, appalling. At the time, Mr. Pan Dawei risked decapitation , collected the remains of 72 martyrs , Cong buried on the eastern outskirts of safflower Kong . Burial后潘达Micro also to " Advisory Bureau before the new ghost record , HuangHuaGang the partisan card" in the title , will be buried martyrs cases were reported in the newspaper. Pan believes that " saffron " inferior "yellow " two words forceful and beautiful , it is in the original report , " Honghuagang " renamed " Huanghuagang " , then the name has been in use ever since.
After the Revolution of 1911 , they finally comfort Izumishita martyrs . In 1912, by the then military government set aside 100,000 yuan in Guangdong in the original construction of the martyrs cemetery graveyard , and the first 72 Martyrs festival held in the same year on May 15 ( lunar March 29, ) . Sun Yat-sen personally presided over the ceremonies , and wrote elegiac , but also personally in Huanghuagang martyrs cemetery planted four pine , pine tree now surviving ; 1918 , Yunnan commander squared Tao ( Martyrs square sound hole brother ) raised Continuation models cemetery , built by the Chinese after several fundraising until 1935 basically completed the size of the existing cemetery .
The evening of 1 May 1924 , Sun Yat-sen with his wife Soong Ching Ling attended the commemoration HuangHuaGang Lingnan University and delivered a speech , calling on people to learn martyrs " for the country, for the people , for the community, for the world to serve ."
"72 athletes , pitched Chunyun Cham Sweetness ; four megabytes country sub , yellow wet autumn melancholy look ." [ 3 ] This is the May 15, 1912 ( lunar March 29 ) held in Nanjing , Guangzhou circles Battle Huanghuagang martyrs sacrificed a memorial ceremony , Huang personally wrote elegiac couplet . " Treasure of the Sierra yellow " symbolize the blood of the martyrs as jasper , the revolutionary spirit of the wind as if defying frost Chrysanthemum bloom .
Most of the martyrs buried in Huanghuagang Park concession after Sun Yat-sen , is to fight for democracy and freedom at the expense of the national hero. In addition to the tomb of the martyrs of 72 , there are known as the Tomb of aviator Feng Ru , the Army will be the tomb of Tang Chung Yuan manufactured home and the father of China Airlines China's first aircraft was Sun Yat-sen as the " father of the Air Force of the Chinese revolution ," the Yang Xianyi the tomb was Sun Yat-sen said, " is the second athlete republican martyrdom ," the tomb of history as Kennedy , the Vietnam martyrs范鸿泰's tomb. August 20, 1951 , the Guangdong Provincial People's Government will startle bone reburial Micro Panda Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs on the north side .
1918 Lie earth sound hole brother , Yunnan commander squared Tao fundraising continues to build , so the cemetery to take shape. 1919 Senate Sen has launched fundraising overseas expansion , from the tomb of additional booths, Ji Gong workshops, music station , four ponds buildings. Since then it has built more yellow kiosks, West Pavilion , main entrance and other buildings. 1935 basically completed the existing scale , in 1949 turned into Huanghuagang Park. So far. Huang Hua Gang Park is a national key cultural relics protection units. Huanghuagang 72 Martyrs in 1961, the State Council announced the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units. In 1985, Huang Hua Gang Park "yellow noble spirit " has become one of Guangzhou Eight ; July 2002 has once again been named one of the famous Yangcheng new century - yellow bright moon . Cemeteries were in 1994, 2000 , 2001 as municipal , provincial and China Federation of patriotism education bases. November 2005 was selected third batch of national patriotism education bases list .
(Editor:PAUL ZENG)
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