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Zhang Bizhong teacher talk about careers and employment of y

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Moderator words ] Young people are the future of the country , do not elaborate on the reason we all understand . Since the reform and opening up of Chinas remarkable economic and social development in , but also for young people to pursue
Moderator words ]
Young people are the future of the country , do not elaborate on the reason we all understand . Since the reform and opening up of China's remarkable economic and social development in , but also for young people to pursue an ideal showcase their talent provides a big stage. But on the whole , integrated employment situation in other countries in the world economy are hard to get rid of the doldrums , and the transformation of China's economic development is under pressure and doubled in the background, it is not difficult to make such a clear judgment : whether the truck is now in where young people want to find a job in line with their wishes , and not one easily able to do.
How to solve the difficult employment difficult career before the reality of contemporary youth problems ? Unwilling to society self-reliant youth employment , the main reason is what ? How to help these unemployed youth in employment ?
2013年4月24日(周三) 15:00-15:45 , Shanghai Sunshine Community Youth Affairs Center social worker张必忠guest LONDON "To the public that something " program , the " youth careers and employment" topic for discussion with friends .
[ Speaker Profile ]
Zhang Bizhong , male , Shanghai Sunshine Community Youth Affairs Center social worker , career guidance teacher Zhang studio executives , law undergraduate . Huangpu District, engaged in long-term work in youth protection , because made ​​remarkable achievements in their work , he worked for five consecutive years starting in 2003 was named the Shanghai Sunshine Community Youth Affairs Advanced Individual , advanced individual Huangpu District , and in 2006 Huangpu District Labor Bureau of advanced personal honor.
Zhang ten years of youth work , and actively organize various social forces , skillful use of aspects of psychology, law , sociology and other social science knowledge and methods at their disposal to address the youth , such as career and employment growth during the encounter various aspects of confusion, to help young people prepare for careers and employment , meet the test of life for the community to contribute to the development of young people , has accumulated a wealth of experience.
[ Interview Record ]
[ Moderator ] : LONDON users Hello everybody , welcome to watch from the Shanghai Zhi Gong Party , by your LONDON Zhi Gong said the whole thing live show . Young people are the future of the country , especially since the reform and opening up, China 's economic and social development achieved remarkable , but also for young people to pursue an ideal showcase their talent provides a big stage. Now young people no matter where you want to find a satisfactory job , really is not a particularly easy thing to do . What is willing to let these young people can not find a suitable job ? Careers difficult, difficult employment problem of how to break crack ? Today we invited to the Shanghai Sunshine Community Youth Affairs Center social worker Zhang Bizhong teacher.
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Moderator good ! LONDON users Hello everybody !
[ Moderator ] : We are from employment, from unemployment to start might say today , if a person does not work long-term , long-term unemployment in a state, he will bring what effect ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : the impact is multifaceted , one of his dependence on the network , the impact of interpersonal communication . His time of day the Internet very long , almost to not eat, do not drink extent .
[ Moderator ] : sleepless nights ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Nothing can disturb him online.
[ Moderator ] : These people on the network is particularly high , but in real life either lied, in fact, in real life, the ability to poor.
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : There is such a case : a demobilized soldier, was assigned to a local state-owned enterprises . ( For jobs in our country , demobilized soldiers in employment is guaranteed ) . He felt too comfortable after the state-owned enterprises , and can not play to their ability , income did not reach his goal , a little over 2000 . He felt : he was a soldier in the army many years of experience , are fully capable to go out to try again . Decided to resign after have such thoughts . Ideal is plump , the reality is cruel, after the resignation of several candidates the unit without success . He could not accept the fact , began to escape , started playing video games , put all resentment vent dissatisfaction on the Internet , then stay home . He has a requirement for the family : Do not let the outside world know that he was unemployed at home . If this message is passed out of the family , to go to ruin him , do not live. Therefore, parents are very worried , very scared . His thing is to do every day in front of the computer playing games. Our side is the old city , the old city building has a very interesting phenomenon , which could see the outside of the movement , walking , sounds, people outside can not see everything inside him . In addition to his daily playing games or playing games, but also even walking softly , for fear of being someone found him stay home . Indulge in the network escape. When we knocked on his door visits , he does not give any little noise or open the door , to the outside world feel at home nobody . Anyway, he does not care about the outside world , he is concerned about the fight in front of a computer . Parents very painful, very desperate .
[ Moderator ] : in fact, that an important reason he was dependent on the network, he , in reality, are not satisfied with the work of all sorts , to vent these feelings online . I think it is his psychological problems , is not the long-term unemployed will also give psychological cause problems ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : If he wants to go , it must be a full day , the feeling : the normal nine to five to work with individuals with stable work surface . His psychological problems manifested in what areas? Sometimes his mother told us that the son of a man sat in front of the computer , eyes peering looking at the computer screen , this position can last several hours. And then there's a problem, he could not communicate with the parents . If there is any demand will be a way to pass information to write a note .
[ Moderator ] : they produced a nervous parent-child relationship problems ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes, he seems free in the real world , telling him what he was totally unaware. We recommend him to see the psychological clinic , because we have a counseling expert group. Psychiatrist who feels he is very serious psychological problems , be sure to use drugs , it is recommended to allow him to mental health center for treatment .
[ Moderator ] : You see, the issue of a work , will bring such a big change . Once a promising young fighter , because the problem of employment, there has been such a big psychological problem . Because if there is a family in which there is such a serious psychological problem to find a suitable job, the family is very depressing , is not it hard to accept ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : his parents to tell us : they can not sleep at night is , try not to think about these things , the thought of his son's problem was very anxious , very painful. I felt a man 's hope is gone.
[ Moderator ] : In fact, this time the parents could not sleep , not because he is not working , you can not make money, but just hope he has a very healthy mental , very sunny , active lives .
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : his parents said: "As long as he can return to normal life , they 'll be satisfied ." Employment is followed , and health is the first one .
[ Moderator ] : unable to find a good job , can not find a suitable job , so many people produce psychological inferiority . I think there is a particularly good example is the famous Peking butcher , he began to speak first sentence is: . " I was to discredit the university , I shame to his alma mater ," now sounds like a self-deprecating mean , even now income nice person , because he still has some self-esteem issues of employment .
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : one is the low self-esteem , as well as the problem of crime , it is more serious. Unemployed , if a little better at home . Once feeling bored, spend time playing games or not a big blunder . The most serious is taking new drugs . 2006 statistics : Shanghai has 26,000 crowd taking new drugs , young people accounted for 70.9% , a very high proportion. Great new drugs harm. To quit this addiction , it is generally very difficult to achieve the goal of rehabilitation . We have contacted a number of people taking drugs , they are very very recognition of our work . And we confided to say: They know very harmful drugs , but no way to quit addiction , like an invisible force pushed him , so they feel hopeless and helpless.
[ Moderator ] : no way has come to the point where I knew well, but there is no way to get rid of ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes.
[ Moderator ] : There are a lot of people because of work flow, resulting in a lot of disturbing social problem. We talked about the fact, that in addition to drug use , as well as disturbing the social order . There will be some of the hatred of psychology, a few days ago an article called "I spent 18 years with you not to drink coffee ." Because my father was not high-ranking officials , even if I'm better than you , but I still do not have a good job. I think that in this respect also increases the potential for crime , because he has a hatred of social psychology. Employment speak up is the family , and if we go broader perspective, it is a social problem. We want to find the root cause , it is your experience, difficult employment roots in what areas?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : I think one problem is the attitude that he is not the target of choice of occupation , as he said is not required , but he subconscious requirements are high. For example, he went to our side to find work , we will ask him: " What kind of job are you looking for ? " He listed three points, the first close to home , the second work easily , the third high income . In fact, this is the ideal of everyone .
[ Moderator ] : one size fits all requirements ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : But with his ability to reach such a goal . So I think it is a question of attitude . Another problem capabilities. He is ready to do the first job , he was to go to work . Psychologically , the actions are ready for employment, but he does not know how to choose a career . For example, we sometimes choose to give him a little space , a computer , and clerks , has customer service and the like, as well as sales of the class, service class , executive class , anyway, a lot of work . Because we are doing preliminary research for a regular job fairs to prepare. When we put this information reached his hands when he confused. Then there are many young people have a resume writing , he told us that he would cast a lot of resumes , almost no response. We took a look at his resume , find a big problem. What is the problem ? He confused the biographical resume, such as XX years I read somewhere , XX -year college where I read , XX years of graduation. He will not know his resume is a problem. There is also a question interview skills . His previous questions are resolved, his resume is no problem, he chose the profession have no problem. Labor units to inform him to interview . He participated in an interview later give us a feedback. We asked him: " ? Interview how you like ," he said: . " This time trouble, the interview and I do not know how to answer the question " Now the personnel are very professional cadres , many of them have a background in psychology , interview a few words when you know there is no relevant skills.
[ Moderator ] : Now we increasingly focus on human resource management issues , human resources, but also to more detailed direction to develop .
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : in addition to career planning issues. Many young people want to find a job very heart of gas in one step, do not want to start from the grassroots level. For example, school of management, trying to find a management job , and these positions are needs some work experience. These are not caused by employment reasons.
[ Moderator ] : You speak very comprehensive, attitude problems, solving skills . In fact, the most difficult problem is the attitude of the problems, such as : " ? What kind of job you want ," "I did not ask ," is the highest since the concept did not ask , I'm afraid what way can not meet the wishes of his psychology . Why now that more and more people taking tests ? Why more and more people to go abroad ? In addition to the yearning for knowledge , I am afraid there are a considerable number of people are trying to avoid the pressure to find a job .
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Sometimes we encounter parents help their children think he will destroy this continues , they think the problem is very serious , we must let the child employment . We are also trying to let him go in employment. Integration of social resources is our strength . We have a lot of lucrative resources. Those enterprises and employment norms, good benefits . Sometimes helps a person to save a family . So we will create convenient for them to let him out of the house to go to work as soon as possible . Then we will discuss the labor units : " a favor to accept a person can make his clients from the basics . ." Those labor units have a good professional relationships with us, partnership , they also promised us request. I usually accompany clients in the past. In this process, you can immediately feel that he is not willing to work. For example, I once accompanied an object in the past , to a company , we have reached a tacit understanding in advance , and would not have an interview , and then give him to fill a table . Fill in some basic information , what was the name , who lives in any place, a simple relationship between family members . His time in filling out forms , and asked me: " Teacher Chang , I lived in what place? " I'm puzzled , personnel employment units are also very puzzled . I object to the service , said: "Since you do not want to employment , it is better to put this thing to put a point of view from the attitude , it 's apparent reluctance to work, to his parents of his work , not his own .
[ Moderator ] : He seems to be coerced parents come and do this action, in fact, he himself did not plan a career ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes, on the way back I talked with him carefully , but also to understand his mind : He said that in fact he did not want to work temporarily in this regard did not intend , he was San Xiaosheng , even if work is not earned how much money can not bear the responsibility of society , while still young, you can play more for a while.
[ Moderator ] : Actually, I think a lot of young people now have the capital , I feel I can play for two years when , in fact, this is precisely reflects the development of our society are not positive factors. Because now we are living conditions are good, even if you do not go to work , even if you do not have a monthly income. Parents are still able to give you a food, still can make you freeze vain , vain hungry . Wishes in this regard would probably rather poor ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes, there is a problem is the parents' problem. I saw a family of three materials, guaranteeing full eat in the street. We feel that this question is a bit serious , I went home visits , remember that scene . One o'clock I went home visits and more knock , I heard : . " Come in ," that no one opened the door for me , then I said: " how I came in ? " He said there was a key driving can come in the door. Open the door into my eyes is : a family of three full bed. I said : "I went out for 10 minutes, then come ." What I mean let them get dressed .
[ Moderator ] : creating an interview environment.
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes. However, his mother said frankly : "What do you say , we have to sleep at least four o'clock species ." I said, just graduated from junior high school kids , there are two things we can do , let him read a sun wings secondary classes , academic year and a half , tuition fees have come out of the government , according to his family's economic situation , but also that he provided to the school free lunch , and bus fare. I mean is that if you do not immediately work, do not waste time , raising his level of education ; If you do not want to study , then go to jobs. I have a lot of work xiaonianqing hands , Nanjing Road store. Wages are also a lot of hand over 3000 . " His mother just said:" This child is still small , just graduated , let him play with for two years. Let his father go to work better. "
[ Moderator ] : ordinary people feel that this idea he looks surprised , and often have this idea that led to some of the difficult problem of youth employment . With psychology and consciousness of their own are related . There is also a problem , wanted to do , that do ? I watched a program file Jobs category , there will be a minute to introduce myself and tell you want to do business . A lot of people actually go up , said: " I ​​hope to engage the boss to let any work I am engaged ." In fact, he did not consider himself . This section is also a lot of people you encounter ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : It is a lot of people that I will be summarized as a lack of career skills. Because of this some people have employment aspirations , good preparation for employment , but lack the ability to careers . Usually we let him into the area of employment promotion centers open employment password, and then log on 12,333 public recruitment network . Browse related jobs , while interested in the down position , and then compared. For example, a network administrator, require a college degree in computer science , familiar knowledge of computer management and maintenance , etc. , etc. . If he 's consistent with business requirements, we will tell him : "You did according to this method of choice of occupation ." If the ratio of work experience also came close down , I said: . " No problem " because we each county has its own training base , is to allow you to learn, gain experience place. If you have these experiences in the future , to find such a job , everything is OK ; If you do not meet the business down than on the description of the job , then I would tell clients : " To adjust career goals ." Now with the planned economy era employment completely different package distribution , employment market has been achieved , and employment will keep the market in tune with the needs of the market , if there is no demand on the market in this regard , your career is invalid , that can not achieve career goals . If so, you have to adjust career goals. Down after doing so , the effect is very good, very useful, almost one hundred percent solution to the problem .
[ Moderator ] : In fact, the employment problems are pushed to the market by some of the needs of the market to decide what we want to provide the kind of talent . I think the employer at the time of recruitment , there will be a very quantitative standard , that is an academic question . There is no one cause difficulties because of academic problems to find a job ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes, now part of the youth there are some common features , understand some knowledge of computer installation and maintenance aspects . Today the computer is extremely popular, computer installation, maintenance of knowledge has become a basic knowledge of the community, not expertise. However, they will put it enlarged to become expertise, can install a computer program , want to engage in this work are not the problem , we also let him look on 12,333 public recruitment network network administrators must have the relevant conditions. NMS require a college degree or above . San Xiaosheng no problem even if you are , you can read the TV , evening to make educated on what the problem . By improving education levels , to achieve the desired goals.
[ Moderator ] : But I think some people might be educated is not able to find a job , returnees can easily lead to a situation , put it bluntly point is unrealistic expectations . But I am on wages , occupational requirements , there will be the starting point for a high expectation value , even if these people have a very nice degree, not necessarily to find desirable job . There is now a freelancer , in fact, there are a lot of freelancers in the idle state , and a little inferior mentality , I know I do not want people to stay at home . In fact, through the language of the community , we can find psychological issues of employment trends and employment. As we have just said a lot of the main reasons for employment upon them . From the social point of view , the difficult employment situation in our social nature is not able to find some reason ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : is there some non-standard enterprise and employment , he used the trial period to avoid the payment of gold , that the trial period is over, employment is also over, he did not sign labor contracts with you. There is also a problem , the problem of unequal wages . Some enterprises in order to save labor costs , are used to send workers . Then there is a problem , pay for equal work . Obviously working together , a large income differences , there is no sense of belonging , can not see room to grow .
[ Moderator ] : Your work is particularly good idea , can say to listen ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Our work philosophy is " helping people help themselves ," Helping is to help others improve their ability. For example, the ability to improve the choice of occupation , improve the ability to write a resume , improve interview skills , improve the ability of career planning , improve the competitiveness of the market, to achieve market-oriented employment . We usually do group in this area, some people with similar problems , six people , eight people , brought together 10 organizations to become a personal growth group , use the group experience to solve problems facing them and improve their skills. We will also use this platform 12333 public recruitment network . Let me give you an example: the question on your resume , I just started to make eight members 12333 public recruitment network sending resumes , sent out in the future , there will be two cases ; one is a reply to let them go to the interview ; a species are not reply. We will not reply to Jane took out for everyone to see , then there is a chance to reply to resume share . By comparing the crew found the door : a reply resume where fortunately , did not respond to the resume problem out there . By discussing crew found that: " There reply resume, the genius and the ability of their ability to combine business requirements very closely resume did not reply to the resume as resume writing is no focus , no related capabilities. content . " this will not only develop the ability to crew discovered the problem, while developing problem-solving skills . To reinforce the importance of a resume , we invite the personnel , the personnel perspective on how to stand resume, as well as through the crowd resume selection interview , the selection of qualified staff . Through the study of empathy, the crew will solve the problem writing a resume , but also pay attention to write a resume. The next question talked about or talk about interview techniques , is also eight individual teams resume issues are resolved , the so-called resolved, they cast a resume must have replied . There reply had an interview , we call people to the different units of the interview. There are also several cases after the interview , a case could be hired ; retest the case may be ; case not below . Similarly, we bring together the members to share , each person must reproduce the scene during an interview. At this point the crew found a successful interview , prepare for job interviews before quite full . They interview the company's position makes it clear that this particular unit in that area , the specific location , drive how much time they will arrive an hour early to the company . They will prepare two pens , which in case of a write , the other one can be used. They are focusing on the dress , if the interview is a very formal company, they will definitely wear a suit to go. They scale of the enterprise , business scope is a lot of understanding . Well aware of the conditions on the job requirements . In the interview, speak more ability and job -related . In the self- evaluation , will be combined with previous experience of social practice , give a little example of cooperation with a certain number of projects along very harmonious and so on. Giving the impression that there is a team collaboration capabilities, these are extra points. The crew also did not hire many reasons , some half an hour late , incorrect estimates of time ; others do not understand the job interview , do not know enough of the enterprise . The personnel feel : your choice is very blind and very lightly it? Through interaction , through exchanges between groups , they understand how to interview. Interview solve the problem reflected in what areas ? This eight members are hired. Similarly, we invite them to come , we have a shared experience of the group 's recap , the experience of the group to use them to go after career planning , team members often these jobs will be successful will be summarized, they said : "The teacher through this activity in employment , we learned how to write a resume , how to interview , " I loved to listen to the last sentence , they said : ." even after unemployed again , we will not find you , we have the ability careers ability , interviewing techniques, resume writing career planning capabilities , and will use these abilities to solve problems , but also help with the lessons learned and friends in need of employment , to help more people who need help . "
[ Moderator ] : So we impart knowledge not confined to write a resume , in fact, sometimes the assessment of their career , an objective evaluation of such a capability. Actually, I think the significance of this capability it is very large, you say I feel particularly agree with that point , whether it is an interview or just do other work, or really should be prepared to fight the battle . The interviewer will be very easy for me to find your business very seriously, you do some homework. Conversely , if you know nothing about , then why did I give you the chance to work? We just talked about is a series of specific aspects of ability, but looking for a job also requires a lot of elements that way employment, I do not know which way we will provide help terms ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : There . Some clients will face this problem , asymmetric information, I do not know where to look for work. He was looking for network management, he felt no way to find, do not know where to look ? Then we let him open to the employment agency employment password , the password has been employed , it is easy to log in 12,333 public recruitment network , which is an approach and method . In addition the government is very concerned about youth employment , and civil affairs departments for demobilized soldiers have a special recruitment activities ; Union also has activities in this regard , the Communist Youth League is also very concerned about youth employment , women are also related to recruitment activities. Each county 's employment promotion centers , recruitment activity for each street that has an associated labor .
[ Moderator ] : In fact, our problems have also been employed in all aspects of care. For these young people is the subject of employment , should themselves work harder to create a better future for themselves . This is a problem we mentioned some of employment relative to employment , there is a problem is a venture . Now we have some of the support for entrepreneurship policy ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes, the government 's efforts to support entrepreneurship this big . Because the government's objective is to promote employment, entrepreneurship , have such thoughts . We now have an opening in each district center, a business park . Pioneer Park regard, I want to speak a little , the park provides a good platform for entrepreneurs. For example, it has a very favorable , cheap rent. Center City if we borrow at least a 10 square meter house thousands of pieces, and it is only 500 yuan, and some 500 less rent , very cheap . Then what are its network for free , it has a free mentor , expert group to help "pulse ." There is also a preferential tax policy for three years . There is also a small loan funds , which is every district level. In Shanghai, there is a business incubator , I just said it was rent free, as long as there is a good project , three years in the incubator which can be a sub- base is not out of the outcome of future , development and growth of the , and then transplanted to go outside.
[ Moderator ] : Actually, today I think by your description , I think your work is really a micromanager work , but also a need to have a lot of patience , a sense of responsibility such work. Because of his slight negligence , nor a big blunder, it will not catch up with your body to tell you should do , you should do that. I think your work is not in your hard , but also gives you a lot of fun ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : yes, to see them succeed, there is an indescribable joy. For example, I just said the venture, there are success stories. I have three clients, first they are looking for work . I found a good sign , one of them has a special computer proficient , while the relationship between the three men is very good , so I would recommend that they set up a three-year tax-exempt cooperatives. Some of the funds , and some of the technology , so slowly expand. Now they 've set up a computer-related companies.
[ Moderator ] : So you via their success , but also to find their own sense of accomplishment ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes, give roses hand left lingering fragrance .
[ Moderator ] : to help your people , there is a common problem in jobless state. There are different ways for different people ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : Yes, see what they have character, tap their potential, develop a comprehensive plan, and achieve the best goals. We give them career planning , and accumulated some experience , continue to grow, to a higher goal. I also have success stories here , there is a service object in the postal savings bank to do credit , then feeling a little pressure. Had introduced him to do the job , he is college educated . Pressure is not necessarily a bad thing , can be converted to power , thus encouraging him to go to school . Specialist from TV to TV undergraduate, now working at a financial institution , there is a happy family. He told me that his wife was in the TV know , now had a son , enjoyable.
[ Moderator ] : Your job is to give the young people hope a lot of work , see their job stability , and is also one of the largest on your feedback . Many users have expressed their own confusion , for example, a user said : "I found several units should have work experience, we would be no work experience after graduation do not solve this problem , we will be difficult to be business ? to accept . " indeed , he raised the question is this, many students want to learn , there is no way to practice.
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : We have a good strategy , let them go to the trainee , trainee because there is no threshold . Its goal is to develop your ability to give you relevant work experience. Each district now has a training base , for example, computer software development , such as customs and other high -tech jobs. The goal is to accumulate training base your work experience , to reach your goal to find a job .
[ Moderator ] : It should be a good solution to small conflicts between work experience and learning by trainee ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : For teacher training base , the government has also given certain incentives . You bring up a young , give you some reward , such training base motivate teachers will do their utmost to help these young people to participate in trainee .
[ Moderator ] : both have a positive nature , it should be a win-win approach. There User question : " Career need to pay attention to what issues? " I think the mentality of these users urgently we should understand, so I ask you a brief recap , in choosing the time to focus on what factors to consider ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : a question of attitude , if you solve the question of attitude on jobs, solve other problems much easier . Another problem is the job market , your chosen career must meet the needs of the market. If there is no demand on the market, you have to adjust your career goals.
[ Moderator ] : but it is still a question of balance when it comes to information , the need for balance. I also like to watch when it comes to employment type of program , a lot of people up and said : . " I do event planning , event execution ," followed by a boss , said: ? "You have not done any related investigations which are now companies need so many activities planned , implementation of activities ? we do not have jobs, we need to sell special talent . " but this aspect of employment for young people who often do not have such a concept , I felt the need for such posts should be in the community . When it comes to balancing supply and demand information , you said the market particularly important. When it comes to choosing a career , I am afraid of their own to have an accurate understanding and judgment are also very important.
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : have a right to self- evaluate your ability than on your own , if you can not afford this, we must continue to learn. The ability to achieve this requirement , I want to find work goals will be achieved .
[ Moderator ] : User question there , said: " Every time the interview was especially nervous because I wanted success , fear of failure , it is particularly great psychological pressure ." Will not you have to release the pressure of the recipe ?
[ Guest Zhang Bizhong ] : If your interview preparation work is very good , you will not be nervous. If you have a deep understanding of the job , many will not nervous. Your interview relevant experience , skills, very rich , you will not be nervous. After these have accumulated up , you will not feel nervous . You must be within the effective time of the interview , said some of the problems associated with the interview , the interview is definitely for you extra points .
[ Moderator ] : Today we spent an hour talking employment reasons, there are out of the " prescription" , as well as recommendations for many young people . In fact, we spend so much time talking about so much content , we have nothing more than a common wish of all young people want to be able to find a suitable job like interest , but also long-term development work.
(Editor:PAUL ZENG)
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